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Public Invitation:Seminar on: Professionalism in Pharmacy Practice

Mandour Elmahdi Hall – AITC - NMSF
- 23 Apr 2018
until 23 Apr 2018  (Expired)

Facilitator:  Dr. Dennis Lauder Chief Pharmacist, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust with more than 30 years service in the National Health Service in the UK , Member of the General Pharmaceutical Council, Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, the College of Pharmacy Practice. For Registration & quires Mobile: 0915530396

Public invation: Seminar on: The Role of Procurement and Supply Chain Management in Pharmacy Practice in Low income countries

- 17 Mar 2018
until 16 Apr 2018  (Expired)

Facilitator: PROF. ANDY BARRACLOUGH Professor of Public Health Procurement & Supply Chain Management; GMS certified Global Fund PSM consultant; has over 30 years of experience of working with major International Funding Institution and contributed to the major pharmaceutical PSM publications, including managing drug supply by MSH, and specialist works on HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria commodities

NMSF’s Scholarship for Attending Training course (Introduction to Pharmacovigilance)

NMSF /Abdel-Hamid Ibrahim Training Centre
- 19 Nov 2017
until 20 Nov 2017  (Expired)

Course title: Introduction to Pharmacovigilance Facilitators: 1. Dr Habab Khalid Elkheir Omer Azraq PhD degree, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Khartoum, senior clinical pharmacist, Maternity Hospital Member of IUATLD (International Union against Tuberculosis and lung diseases) and ISPE ( International society of Pharmacoeidemiology). 2. Dr Ammar Abubaker Abbas B Pharm (Hons), Dip. Pharm Practice, MSc Liverpool John Moores University, GPhC, Medicines Information / Medicines - Management & Formulary (Highly Specialist Pharmacist). Course objectives: After completing this training course, participants are expected to be able to:  Describe the concept of pharmacovigilance, its rationale and common terminologies used in Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) monitoring. Appreciate the magnitude of ADR problems  Understand the implementation of pharmacovigilance  Appreciate the need for adequate reporting of ADRs to the National Pharmacovigilance Centre (NPC).  Understand and discuss the benefits of ADR reporting to patients and healthcare professionals.  Identify early signs and symptoms of drug safety problems

NMSF’s Scholarship for Attending Training course (Medicines and Poisons Information Centre )

NMSF /Abdel-Hamid Ibrahim Training Centre
- 19 Nov 2017
until 23 Nov 2017  (Expired)

title:Medicines and Poisons Information Centre Facilitators: 1. Dr Ammar Abubaker Abbas B Pharm (Hons), Dip. Pharm Practice, MSc Liverpool John Moores University, GPhC, Medicines Information / Medicines- Management & Formulary (Highly Specialist Pharmacist). 2. Dr Muhammad Elamin Muhammad Osman Elamin GMC Specialist Registration in Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics and General (Internal) Medicine,MScMedical Toxicology (Merit), Cardiff University,Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NS Foundation Trust Advanced Clinical Fellowship in Clinical Toxicology. Course objectives: After completing this training course, participants are expected to be able to: - familiarise the basic framework for handling Medicines Information enquiries - Use the available online reference sources and enquiry answering guidelines - Acquire enquiry answering skills using the UK Medicines Learning Portal resource - handling basic Poisoning enquiries and the referral pathway for specialist advice and intervention . Time: daily from 8 am to 4 pm. (Full attendance is mandatory)

Outcome of pharmaceutical care study among Hypertensive patients "Saudi experience”

NMSF,Abdel-Hamid Training Centre- Mandour Almahdi Hall
- 27 Aug 2017
until 27 Aug 2017  (Expired)

Facilitator: Dr: Adil Abdoelrahman Mahmoud Assistant professor of pharmacy practice, Clinical Pharmacy Dept, College of Pharmacy, Taif University, KSA

Anti microbial stewardship programs in hospitals

NMSF,Abdel-Hamid Training centre -Mandour Almahdi hall
- 24 Aug 2017
until 24 Aug 2017  (Expired)

Facilitator: Dr: Abubaker Ibrahim Mohamed El bur Associate Professor of clinical pharmacy, college of pharmacy, Taif University, kingdom of Saudi Arabia

10th Medication Safety Conference 2017

Abu Dhabi, UAE
- 27 Oct 2017
until 29 Oct 2017  (Expired)

The Medication Safety Conference is now conducted in collaboration with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), which ensures greater access to well-regarded experts and global contemporary practice topics. The conference is also supported by the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi, International Medication Safety Network (IMSN), the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) and ISMP Canada. Building on its track record of success, the event will host over 1,200 delegates from the GCC and surrounding regions, including pharmacists, physicians, nurses, students and other healthcare professionals devoted to patient safety and in particular medication safety best practices.

Rational Medicine Use

National Medical Supplies Fund
- 13 Sep 2015
until 17 Sep 2015  (Expired)

Goolden Bulding, 5th Floor

Rational Use Of Medicine

Alhsharga Hall
- 12 Sep 2015
until 12 Sep 2015  (Expired)

Algama street

Good Dispensing Practise

National Medical Supplies Fund
- 07 Sep 2015
until 10 Sep 2015  (Expired)

Short training course.

25th Arab Pharmacists Union Conference

- 10 Dec 2005
until 13 Dec 2005  (Expired)

Pharmaceutical Conference

Watch this space for future events

- 01 Jan 2007
until 31 Dec 2007  (Expired)

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