Continuing Professional Development Centre


In future all registered pharmacist will be expected to undertake Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Recommended CPD activities can be found in the member’s area of the web site and also in the paper-based portfolio folder. The activities include recommended CPD articles, Computer Aided Learning (CAL) packages, online learning and seminars, workshops and training days.


  • Typically an individual user would initially access the site and register their details. After approval by the professional body membership to the site would be granted.
  • On subsequent access to the site the member would be asked to provide a username and password for entry into the member’s area.
  • Within the members area the individual would be presented with their CE record. In the first instance this would be empty and they would be asked to enter any pre-existing CE activities.
  • CE activities can take a variety of forms. For example they can include attending courses, seminars, lectures and conferences; reading journals, including online articles; obtaining qualifications, diplomas etc.
  • On subsequent visits their records CE record would be displayed and a facility to add, edit or delete records will be provided. These may be added from the catalogue of CE material within the CPD programme. The facility will also be available for individuals to enter CE activities in the database, prior to approval by the organization.